SMFSettings_T Struct Reference

Holds spmfilter runtime configuration. More...

#include <smf_settings.h>

Collaboration diagram for SMFSettings_T:

Data Fields

int debug
char * config_file
char * queue_dir
char * engine
int module_fail
char * nexthop
int nexthop_fail_code
char * nexthop_fail_msg
char * backend
char * backend_connection
int add_header
unsigned long max_size
SMFTlsOption_T tls
char * lib_dir
char * pid_file
char * bind_ip
int bind_port
int listen_backlog
int foreground
char * user
char * group
int max_childs
int spare_childs
int syslog_facility
int smtpd_timeout
char * sql_driver
char * sql_name
int sql_port
char * sql_user
char * sql_pass
char * sql_user_query
char * sql_encoding
int sql_max_connections
char * ldap_uri
int ldap_port
char * ldap_binddn
char * ldap_bindpw
char * ldap_base
int ldap_referrals
char * ldap_scope
char * ldap_user_query
SMFConnectionType_T lookup_connection_type
int lookup_persistent
void * lookup_connection

Detailed Description

Holds spmfilter runtime configuration.

Field Documentation

int add_header

add spmfilter processing header

char* backend

configured lookup backend

char* backend_connection

if multiple backend hosts are defined, it's possible to balance connections between all, or do failover connections. possible keys are:

  • balance load-balance connections among all hosts listed
  • failover failover connections in the order listed
char* bind_ip

ip to bind daemon

int bind_port

port to bind daemon (default 10025)

char* config_file

path to config file

int debug

debug flag

char* engine

configured engine

int foreground

run daemon in foreground

char* group

run daemon as group

SMFDict_T* groups

custom setting groups

char* ldap_base

ldap search base

char* ldap_binddn

ldap bind dn

char* ldap_bindpw

ldap bind password

SMFList_T* ldap_host

list with ldap hosts

int ldap_port

ldap port

int ldap_referrals

ldap referrals flag

char* ldap_scope

ldap search scope

char* ldap_uri

ldap uri

char* ldap_user_query

ldap user query

char* lib_dir

user defined directory path for shared libraries

int listen_backlog

listen queue backlog (default 511)

void* lookup_connection

ldap or sql connection

SMFConnectionType_T lookup_connection_type

lookup connection type

int lookup_persistent

is the lookup connection persistent?

int max_childs

maximum number of allowed processes (default 10)

unsigned long max_size

maximal message size in bytes

int module_fail

module fail behavior

SMFList_T* modules

all configured modules

char* nexthop

next smtp hop

int nexthop_fail_code

smtp code, when delivery to nexthop fails

char* nexthop_fail_msg

smtp return message, when delivery to nexthop fails

char* pid_file

path to pid file

char* queue_dir

path to spool directory

SMFDict_T* smtp_codes

user defined smtp return codes

int smtpd_timeout

time limit for receiving a remote SMTP client request (default 300s)

int spare_childs

number of spare childs (default 2)

char* sql_driver

sql driver name

char* sql_encoding

sql encoding

SMFList_T* sql_host

list with sql database hosts

int sql_max_connections

max. number of sql conncetions

char* sql_name

sql database name

char* sql_pass

sql database password

int sql_port

sql database port

char* sql_user

sql database username

char* sql_user_query

sql user query

int syslog_facility

syslog facility

enable/disable TLS

char* user

run daemon as user

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