smf_smtp.h File Reference

Message delivery functions and datatypes. More...

#include "smf_settings.h"
#include "smf_envelope.h"
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Data Structures

struct  SMFSmtpStatus_T
 SMTP status informations. More...


SMFSmtpStatus_Tsmf_smtp_status_new (void)
 Creates a new SMFSmtpStatus_T object.
void smf_smtp_status_free (SMFSmtpStatus_T *status)
 Free SMFSmtpStatus_T object.
SMFSmtpStatus_Tsmf_smtp_deliver (SMFEnvelope_T *env, SMFTlsOption_T tls, char *msg_file, char *sid)
 Deliver a message via smtp.

Detailed Description

Message delivery functions and datatypes.

If you need to send a message to a host via SMTP, use smf_smtp_deliver(). Envelope informations must be stored in a SMFEnvelope_T object, a session id is optional.

Function Documentation

SMFSmtpStatus_T* smf_smtp_deliver ( SMFEnvelope_T env,
SMFTlsOption_T  tls,
char *  msg_file,
char *  sid 

Deliver a message via smtp.

enva SMFEnvelope_T object
tlsenable/disable TLS for connection
msg_filealternate message content
sidoptional session id for logging
0 on success or -1 in case of error
void smf_smtp_status_free ( SMFSmtpStatus_T status)

Free SMFSmtpStatus_T object.

statusSMFSmtpStatus_T object
SMFSmtpStatus_T* smf_smtp_status_new ( void  )

Creates a new SMFSmtpStatus_T object.

an empty SMFSmtpStatus_T object